The Current World of Digital Strategy

In the tumultuous world that is the Covid19 Pandemic, changes are taking place across consumer behavior. Google recently rolled out a business guide to help us advertisers adjust and adapt our digital marketing strategy to meet those shifting consumer needs.

Stay Ahead of the Changing Landscape

Our daily lives have been radically altered, along with consumer’s expectations, habits, and buying behavior. Google suggests businesses should start to think about the path to economic recovery in three distinct stages; respond, rebuild, recover.

  • Respond – Solve what matters today to get your business ready to rebuild.
  • Rebuild – Prepare to capture dynamic demand and position yourself well for recovery.
  • Recovery – Implement marketing learnings from the crisis into your long-term business strategy to drive sustained growth.

In an effort to keep up with consumer behavior, Google has rolled out tools to better understand the latest trends in Search. We now have access to resources advertisers can use to keep up with the rapidly changing needs and interests of consumers.

Think With Google

Think with Google is an interactive tool that helps us understand how consumers are changing preferences and expectations by surfacing the fastest rising retail categories in Google search. It also highlights the geographies where they are growing and actual search queries associated with them. The data is updated daily to reflect the most up to date search landscape.

Google Trends

Google trends helps to identify what is top of mind for your consumers and provides insight on how to adjust your marketing strategy to meet these consumer expectations. Some major benefits of Google trends includes:

  • Quickly identify major trends using trending search page and explore curated insights of how people are searching a topic
  • The interest over time graph allows us to view the historical popularity of a search
  • Expand research using the compare tool
  • View popularity of a term by geographical area

Key Takeaways 

While things may be changing more rapidly than ever, we have the ability to adapt and utilize tools to stay ahead of the curve. These new resources provide the helpful insight needed to address ad copy refreshes, keyword search volume, and even allow us to evaluate our website language. We may have reason to pause or enable new ad groups and alter budget recommendations. The point is, nothing should be stagnant during these unprecedented times. We as advertisers need to use what resources we have to successfully navigate these dynamic market conditions.     

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