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Should I Continue Marketing During ‘Off-Season’ Times?

For our seasonal clients, this question is all too common. More often than not, we see many businesses cutting off their marketing efforts during their off-season, just to start back up at the beginning of their season the following year. It makes sense, right? Not exactly…

While this method certainly will save some marketing dollars, is it the best option for your business? At the end of the day, the online world never sleeps. Your audience is still present, browsing, clicking, and planning. Just because they may not need your services right now, that doesn’t mean they’re not planning a major housing remodel next summer and will require a reputable landscaper to handle this scope of work.

So instead of putting a halt to your marketing campaigns, here are a few tips on how you can continue your efforts during the off-season!

  1. Continue Creating Content: Off-season or not, it is still imperative to create good quality content. Keep up with your blogging! Just because your target audience can’t utilize your products or services right this very minute doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from and be interested in the information you have to give.
  2. Stay Social: Your customers don’t disappear during the off-season, so once your season is over – don’t take a break from social media. How strange will it be when they stumble across your Facebook page and see content abruptly come to a halt for the last several months? Think of your social media presence as your virtual, year-round storefront. Stay active on it.
  3. Run Pay Per Click Year Around: Having and maintaining a web presence is crucial for seasonal businesses. Running your paid search campaign during your off-season will allow you to keep that web presence. Granted, your paid search campaign probably will not generate many clicks, and you will probably be spending a lot less money on it, but it is good to be consistent year-round.
  4. Generate Off-Season Hype: If your content plays upon the excitement of things to come by providing early bird offers or off-season discounts, you can bet you’ll have an audience excitedly planning for the time they can take advantage of your products and services again!

So there you have it! Continuing marketing efforts year-round can only help your brand stay front of mind to current customers and prospects. If you have questions about your seasonal business or would like to learn how you can better utilize your marketing efforts in the off-season, contact one of the Ferocious Media experts today!