Best Blogging Practices for Your Business

When it comes to your digital presence, good content is key. That’s why blogging is such an important part of your social media campaign! In addition to keeping your audience interested, engaging content can also improve your SEO, shape your brand or product image, and drive traffic back to your website and social pages.

Your blog should keep current and potential customers informed and interested. It’s important to emphasize entertainment and education over an aggressive marketing message. Here are a few of the most popular blog categories recommended for your business.

Blogs often fall into these categories:

  • Industry Relevant Tips/FAQ
  • Industry News
  • Business Services
  • Business Updates
  • Local Events

Industry Tips, Tricks, and News:
It can be easy to get carried away with industry-specific information. Information should always be presented in a way that is readable to the layman, as most of your readers are probably not experts in your industry. Keep the content on your blog easy to read and scan for important information. For example, a bulleted list of tips is a better way to inform and educate than several paragraphs of dense information.

Business Services and Updates:

Keep readers interested in your business by providing them with timely updates. If you recently won an award, donated to a charity, sponsored a local community event, or finished a big project, this information should always go on your blog. The personal touch helps keep people interested!

Engaging Blog Topics:

Employee Spotlight – Pick one or two employees from your business to highlight each month in your blog. This is a great way to let your customers get to know your business better from the inside. It will also keep employees, their friends, and their families interested in your online presence. The ideal employee spotlight will put a face to the name and provide information about what they do at your company, as well as a few fun facts about themselves.

Product Features – Highlighting a particular product or service that your business offers can also be a great way to engage customers. This can include photos of a recent remodeling project, a new dish on your restaurant menu, a completed plumbing installation, information on a law case won by your firm, or a new piece of medical equipment used at your practice. You can even offer a special on a specific product/service and promote it on your blog to further improve engagement.

Community Involvement – If your company participates in or sponsors a local event, promote it on your blog! This a great way to engage the local community as well as other businesses in the area.  Community involvement can include, but is definitely not limited to, sponsoring an event, visiting a school, collaborating with other local businesses, donating to a charity, and volunteering. Don’t let your good deeds go unnoticed!

Answer Questions – As a business owner, you are probably used to receiving a lot of the same questions.  Writing an educational blog post to clear up customer confusion can help drive engagement on your page. This type of content establishes you as an authority in the field, as well as provides your customers with the information you know they want.

Run a Contest – Everyone loves free stuff. If there is anything your business is willing to give away, whether it be a free product, a coupon, or a discounted service, we can work with you to make it fun and engaging by promoting it in your blog.

At Ferocious Media, our Social Media Account Analysts work with your business to create blogs that are designed to improve your audience reach and increase the likelihood of your followers seeing, clicking on, and sharing your content. We can provide recommendations and direction to help create the perfect blog for your business! Learn more here.


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