Adapting to a World That is Increasingly Mobile-Centric, Google Announces New AdWords Innovations

More than ever, companies are marketing to society’s growing expectations for immediate satisfaction. This is correlated to the increase in smartphone users, and is a necessary industry adaptation to stay competitive. Consumers are seeking relevant answers as quickly as possible, and using their phones to get them as questions arise.

In fact, Google just confirmed that in ten countries, including the United States and Japan, more Google searches occur on mobile devices than desktop computers. Google informally predicted the switch about a year ago, and began investing in AdWords upgrades designed for the mobile experience. Last week, these innovations were announced at a global livestream called #StepInsideAdWords. Below is a breakdown of what has changed.

Mobile-Geared Ads for Three Verticals

  • Automotive ads for manufacturers and dealers allow users to go directly from the Google search page to a series of images with car interiors and exteriors. Users can swipe through the images, and tap on one for specific information.
  • Redesigned hotel ads will be shown for partners around the world. Ads allow users to compare prices from various sources and click a button to book a room on each partner’s website.
  • The home search tool, Google Compare, will soon allow users in the US to access a mortgage-specific feature. Potential homebuyers will be able to compare rates from multiple providers, and customize specifications like interest rate, loan terms, and fees.

Improvements to Automation

  • For automated bidding, a new reporting dashboard will be more transparent and give users better control while comparing different bidding strategies over time. It will include a new simulation tool as well.
  • Dynamic search ads have been enhanced with recommended category targets based on website content, suggested cost-per-clicks for each category, and more ad and landing page visibility.

Tools to Advance Campaign Measurement

  • AdWords attribution intends to help marketers move past a last-click attribution model by allowing users to select an attribution model for each conversion type. Additionally, data-driven attribution will use account conversion data to calculate the actual contribution of each keyword along the conversion path.
  • Cross-device conversions will soon be integrated with automatic bidding. This is part of a larger update that will give users the option to include cross-device conversions in the AdWords conversions column.
  • Marketing Experiments is a tool to help marketers measure the incremental impact generated from their Google ads.

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