5 Ways Call Tracking Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Efforts

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most cost effective types of marketing. However, most organizations and advertisers are forced to focus on web forms with CRM integration to track their leads and measure achievement based upon a progression of advanced examination. For example, organic visits, site visits and conversions. A tool that is often not utilized enough is call tracking.

Call tracking is basically Google Analytics for the phone. Call tracking allows marketers to track how many calls they are receiving from their PPC ads and gives them the ability to record those calls. It tells marketers which ads, campaigns, and keywords generate phone calls and which do not. Marketers use this data in a variety of ways. Many of our clients find call tracking to be especially helpful in seeing how employees handle new business calls. They can extract information like lead score, if a deal was made or not, if an appointment was made, and even if a sales rep missed an opportunity during the call.

How can call tracking help you get the most out of your marketing efforts?

The number of phone calls you are receiving.

Call tracking records the number of calls that you receive, eliminating the task of tracking this data manually. You can receive detailed reports with caller information and call patterns. This allows the marketer to gather a more accurate understanding of their return on investment.

The duration of the calls.

Call tracking provides you with the length of each phone call. This allows you to detect which campaigns, keywords, and ads generate longer, more relevant phone calls. The longer the call, the more likely it is to turn into a quality lead. Would you waste your time talking to a business if you weren’t interested in their services or products?

The location and time of day of the calls.

You are allowed to change the bids of PPC campaigns by location and time of day. Call tracking allows you to see what locations and time of day resulted in the largest percentage of phone calls. This information allows you to adjust your bids accordingly, making the most out of your money.

The landing page performance.

Future customers (normally) have two options when visiting your PPC landing page. They can either fill out the contact form on your page or pick up the phone and call you. Without call tracking, you will only have the data from the forms that are being filled out. This could result in misleading data that your PPC conversion rate is much lower than it actually is. When using call tracking, you have the ability to track phone calls received from your landing page. This gives you a more accurate assessment of your campaign’s effectiveness.

Tracking conversions through phone calls.

Call tracking can help you track conversions for each of your campaign’s marketing platforms. Call tracking allows you to trace new customers back to their original call. This gives you more of an accurate assessment of which of your campaign platforms achieve the most conversions. This can also help you get a better understanding of your sales.

Call tracking is perfectly safe and the data the tactic provides is simply too valuable to not to use in your Pay Per Click advertising. Learn more about the effectiveness of Search Engine Marketing by visiting the Ferocious Media website.