4 Ways To Keep Your Search Campaign Super-Local

Many small and local businesses share a common ground when it comes to PPC advertising – they have limited marketing budgets, making each dollar count even more.  Here are a few ways to keep your PPC campaigns super-local to ensure your ads are being placed in front of the right audience.

  1. Show your location. If you have a storefront or physical location, be sure to add a Location Extension. This shows your address next to your ad.  If location is an important factor to the searcher, this can make or break their decision to click on your ad!
  2. Utilize geo-modified keywords and ad groups. Many local search queries contain town names and nearby metro areas. Make sure you are targeting these keywords if they make sense to your business. Furthermore, create specific ads for each town. If someone is looking for a plumber in Melville, they are likely to click on an ad that reads “Local Plumber in Melville.”
  3. Choose keywords wisely.  Words like “near me,” and “nearby” are increasingly common across the billions of queries on Google every month.  People want to find plumbers, doctors and restaurants near their physical location. According to Think With Google, “near me” search queries have increased by 34 times since 2011 and nearly doubled since last year.
  4. Exclude undesirable locations.  You may be located very close in proximity to a nearby town but you may know their population is unlikely to inquire your services. Avoid impressions in specific towns and zip codes by adding area exclusions.

There are many other factors to consider when building and optimizing your local search campaign. Need assistance? At Ferocious Media we are the experts in local search. Ready to start bringing in more local customers? Sign up for a free consultation today!