Top 3 Facebook Advertising Trends to Run With This Summer

In the shifting digital world, Facebook is a key leader. The amount of targeting and advertising methods that Facebook offers to reach your ideal customer can be overwhelming. If you’re feeling defeated with your Facebook Advertising campaign, check out some of the proven methods below.

Facebook Advertising Video

VIDEO ADS – If you have it, use it. A recent article by Business 2 Community reveals that video ads on Facebook continue to outperform static ads. If you think about it, a video is more visually engaging than a still image. This positive performance is only expected to grow with Facebook’s recent rollout of Instant Articles and Live Video. Video is versatile – it can be used in almost any type of Facebook ad including Carousel, Lead Generation, and more!

Takeaway: A high quality video relating to your business will do wonders for your Facebook advertising strategy!

Pro-tip: Viewers drop out by 60% at the 2 minute mark of videos according to Visible Measures. Keep your message under 2 minutes for optimal engagement!

FB Lead Gen Ads

LEAD GENERATION ADS – Looking for leads? This newer ad type is your best bet for getting Facebook users to fill out a form.  When clicked, Lead Generation ads bring users to a form that auto-populates their information. It’s quick and simple, and prospects don’t have to leave Facebook to send the info you’re looking for.

Takeaway: Lead Generation ads are the best way to gather lead information from your target demographic.

Pro-tip: You can add a Context Card to your Lead Generation ad — a customizable message that shows up when the ad is clicked, before taking the user to the form.

Facebook Mobile Ad Tips

MOBILE TARGETING – If all else fails, optimize for mobile. According to eMarketer, consumers have consistently spent less time on desktops and more time on mobile since 2013. If you’re not already, be sure to direct your ads to mobile users.  You may even want to dedicate a majority of your budget to them!

Takeaway: Mobile is king.

Pro-tip: Phone screens are smaller than desktop computers, and people with mobile devices tend to multitask. Keep copy and images simplest when gearing ads towards mobile.

Facebook Advertising may not be your thing, but don’t worry – it’s ours. Learn more about Facebook Advertising and other services that Ferocious Media offers!


(Video and Lead Generation Image Courtesy of Facebook)