How to Create Positive Brand Recognition With Your Marketing Campaign

Ever wonder why you catch yourself singing along to those K-A-R-S Kars 4 Kids advertisements, or laugh every time Jake from State Farm has to explain himself to jealous wives? As a business owner, wouldn’t it be nice to achieve this goal of effective branding and advertising?

You may be asking, how can I come up with an idea as effective as those big name companies and services? Here are some tips you can utilize this year in expanding your business and creating a successful marketing plan.

Make them laugh: We as humans enjoy being pleased and can all agree that laughing makes it easier to communicate with one another. Have you ever noticed how much attention a certain meme or GIF gets when it breaches these social media channels?  Instantly, these graphics are ‘retweeted’, ‘reposted’, or ‘liked’ in order to spread some laughter throughout that person’s following. Laughter is a universal language and below are some advantages to using amusing adverts.

  • It constructs unity. Many times when we share images over social media, it is because we found it amusing or interesting and we want to share it for our friends to see. By utilizing humor in our social media content, you build stronger emotional ties with your audience.
  • It evokes an emotional response. Laughing creates positivity within ourselves and helps us to relax. When a person feels joy from something your business posted, that feeling then becomes synonymous with your brand.

Stick out: When planning a social campaign, it is important to make sure the content is true to your brand and stands out from competitors. Try to utilize different approaches in displaying your content, such as Facebook’s carousel photos. Try posting text with no photos, and then text with photos. While your content and brand message should be consistent, you never want the look of your social sites to feel stale.

As a business owner, we understand that you may not have time to stay on top of these things. That’s where Ferocious Media comes in! We are a full service digital marketing agency that can provide your business with the perfect social media solutions. For more information, contact us today!