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Programmatic advertising is one of the most important mediums a brand can use to promote its business. Unfortunately, many marketers make the mistake of focusing solely on lead generation tactics and forgetting that branding and awareness tactics are equally as important to a healthy marketing mix. Some assume that programmatic ads are only meant to […]

5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Businesses Picture this: You’ve opened up a bakery in your hometown — a dream of yours since you were first able to mutter the words “baked goods.” And while business may seem to be off to a great start, down the line, you begin to notice […]

For many industries and business owners, the holiday season can arrive fast and somewhat unexpected, leaving you to scramble to get your holiday marketing plans in place. Especially when you don’t have a professional marketing company on your side to aid in the process.  Not to mention, when planning ahead of time is no longer […]

In the tumultuous world that is the Covid19 Pandemic, changes are taking place across consumer behavior. Google recently rolled out a business guide to help us advertisers adjust and adapt our digital marketing strategy to meet those shifting consumer needs. Stay Ahead of the Changing Landscape Our daily lives have been radically altered, along with […]

The written word is one we use to display a variety of different messages. Whether you are trying to update your clients on the latest company changes, or simply creating a new employee job listing — sometimes the words can escape you. And trust us, it happens to everyone!  However, when that pesky writer’s block […]

Let’s face it, there comes a time in your life when you get so caught up with day to day tasks that you start to lose focus on staying organized. It’s especially easy to fall into this trap at work. With so many different projects, deadlines, phone calls and emails- it becomes difficult to take […]

One of the most important factors of ranking in search engine results is having strong, quality content on your website. With every algorithm update, the search engines become smarter and more likely to read your site the same way a human would. On-page content should provide trustworthy answers to visitors who come seeking information about […]