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Search Engine Marketing Articles

Google remarketing is something that can be very beneficial in your online marketing efforts. Remarketing allows you to reach people who have previously visited your website. These previous visitors are able to see remarketing ads as they browse through websites that are part of the Google Display Network. Remarketing can be a very powerful tool […]

Historical performance data gives pay per click (PPC) managers insight into what keywords, ads, and targeting are working effectively. It’s  their job to then control the budget accordingly using this valuable information. But what about new PPC accounts, or even new products or services where you don’t have as much data or information to draw […]

More than ever, companies are marketing to society’s growing expectations for immediate satisfaction. This is correlated to the increase in smartphone users, and is a necessary industry adaptation to stay competitive. Consumers are seeking relevant answers as quickly as possible, and using their phones to get them as questions arise. In fact, Google just confirmed […]

By now, it’s no secret that the fastest way to increase your website’s exposure on Google and its search partners is through SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, but paid ads are not the only Google feature business owners should focus on.  A high rank on Google’s organic search listing will complement your SEM efforts, in […]

In the constantly changing digital marketing landscape, it has never been more important to become an educated business owner. Relevant search traffic is at an all time high for local businesses, and SEM (or PPC) is one of the most effective methods to drive these potential customers to your site. Here are some questions to […]

Search Engine Marketing has become one of the most effective ways to help increase sales for businesses. With everyone turning to the internet to find relevant information, Search Engine Marketing is a necessity for businesses looking to be seen! Done right, you are more likely to generate traffic to your website and increase the productivity […]

Search engine marketing is all about the numbers. How often are your ads being shown? How often are they being clicked on? How many of those clicks convert to a specific action? You can track these metrics through Google AdWords. Each one contains insights into specific aspects of your campaign’s performance, but it all starts […]

We are often asked by SMB’s, “Why should we pay for branding in a PPC campaign?”  It’s interesting that these same business owners often invest in a great location and dress their brand with a strong logo and signage.  They promote their brand with wrapped vehicles, billboards, cable TV, radio, print, direct mail, display advertising […]

Top 5 Google Easter Eggs 2014 Looking to kill some time during your lunch break?  It’s okay, we won’t tell.  Try out our five favorite Google Easter Eggs from 2014! Askew – Looking to see things from a different perspective?  Google “Askew” and watch your search results get a little shifty. Festivus – There is a […]

Google recently named Ferocious Media the 2014 winner of the North America Premier SMB Partner Awards in the category for “Highest Quality Accounts”.  This was an especially big deal to us as this was purely a mathematical calculation of all our accounts’ average Quality Scores, and not someone’s opinion.  Ferocious Media’s accounts had the highest average […]

You have invested the time to identify your target audience, research keywords, build dynamic ads, and set those ads to trigger during key times in specific areas. There is a lot that goes into building an effective AdWords campaign for your business. Once your campaign goes live it is only natural that you will want […]

There are countless metrics available to track and analyze a paid search campaign. As one can imagine, the process can be quite complicated and confusing. To best understand what is working in your campaign and what isn’t, we are going to narrow down the metrics to those that provide the most meaningful insights. 1. Quality […]