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As a reader of the Ferocious Media blog you understand the importance of consistent and accurate information across the World Wide Web. Do you have existing Google My Business pages (formerly Google+) with incorrect, outdated, or incomplete information? Social Media Account Analyst Amanda Weston has taken the time to explain the steps to cleaning up […]

You have invested the time to identify your target audience, research keywords, build dynamic ads, and set those ads to trigger during key times in specific areas. There is a lot that goes into building an effective AdWords campaign for your business. Once your campaign goes live it is only natural that you will want […]

School’s in session at Ferocious Media! Operations Manager, Mike Coyne took the time to provide readers with #TuesdayTips for success in the Digital Media Marketing world. Take a look at the following: What is the most important thing a business owner needs to know about digital media marketing?  How to track and measure the success […]

We can’t think of a better way to say “goodbye” to summer and our weekends at the beach and “hello” to cooler nights and PTA meetings than with a cleanse. Don’t dust off your juicer just yet; we’re not talking about that kind of cleanse. We’re referring to an online cleanse. There’s nothing more refreshing than cleaning up your social media pages […]

We get asked all the time by small business owners: are citations still important?  For those of you wondering what a citation is, it is simply your name, address, and phone number listed across the web on third party sites. The answer is yes, they are.  Not only is listing your business across the web […]

There are countless metrics available to track and analyze a paid search campaign. As one can imagine, the process can be quite complicated and confusing. To best understand what is working in your campaign and what isn’t, we are going to narrow down the metrics to those that provide the most meaningful insights. 1. Quality […]

Insports began their social media campaign with Ferocious Media this past February.  In just two months, they have seen success on nearly all of their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, Flickr, and YouTube.  With posts on sports news, local sports, and events, they have increased interest and social engagement both inside and […]

Google updates its search algorithm anywhere from 500-600 times a year. While these changes are designed to more effectively prioritize information on the web, they can be frustrating for businesses. The Google optimization strategies that were used last year may no longer be as effective. That is why it is so important to stay up-to-date […]

Marketing is no longer a simple, predictive process. Social media platforms have created an ever changing relationship between the business and the consumer. Companies need to keep people interested, whether they are a prospective customer or someone who is already familiar with the brand. Agile marketing is the common response to this complexity. Through building, […]

While networking in the traditional sense has always required a lot of handshakes, cups of coffee and business card exchanges, the digital world has transformed the process of networking on a broad scale opening up endless possibilities of interacting online. Feeling shy about Social Media? Maybe you feel it’s unnecessary. But don’t underestimate its impact. […]