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Top 5 Google Easter Eggs 2014 Looking to kill some time during your lunch break?  It’s okay, we won’t tell.  Try out our five favorite Google Easter Eggs from 2014! Askew – Looking to see things from a different perspective?  Google “Askew” and watch your search results get a little shifty. Festivus – There is a […]

Google recently named Ferocious Media the 2014 winner of the North America Premier SMB Partner Awards in the category for “Highest Quality Accounts”.  This was an especially big deal to us as this was purely a mathematical calculation of all our accounts’ average Quality Scores, and not someone’s opinion.  Ferocious Media’s accounts had the highest average […]

When it comes to online web presence, many business owners care about one thing: that their business appears on the first page of a search. Furthermore, that their business is listed towards the top of the page in that search. Understanding the importance of ranking high in search results is step 1. The next step […]

Your Ferocious Media account analysts and representatives work hard to stay up-to-date on the latest digital marketing industry advances to ensure your business has the best opportunity to flourish. Behind each Ferocious Media email or phone call you receive is a hard working and unique individual. Get to know the Ferocious Media team, the members […]

As we begin to gear up for the end of 2014, business owners will begin to look back at their marketing efforts for the year and compose a plan of action for 2015. What worked? What didn’t? To continually reach potential customers, you must stay up-to-date on the ever-changing trends. A recent survey of marketing […]

There’s no worse way to cause confusion with a client than to not have the same expectations or perceptions about the service or product you are providing. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you and your client may not be able to get on the same page. Clarifying client miscommunication is essential to retaining […]

Great customer service is important to a company quite simply because a company does not exist without its customers. Your customers spend money with your business in anticipation that when they have a product or service issue they can speak with someone who can resolve that issue immediately. However, customer service does not just exist […]

We all do it. A family member or friend recommends a local business, so we look it up on Google. Often times, however, we find links to Facebook pages or Twitter pages in a search before we find their website. We click on the Facebook page and are less than impressed by the seemingly outdated cover photo. […]

As a reader of the Ferocious Media blog you understand the importance of consistent and accurate information across the World Wide Web. Do you have existing Google My Business pages (formerly Google+) with incorrect, outdated, or incomplete information? Social Media Account Analyst Amanda Weston has taken the time to explain the steps to cleaning up […]

You have invested the time to identify your target audience, research keywords, build dynamic ads, and set those ads to trigger during key times in specific areas. There is a lot that goes into building an effective AdWords campaign for your business. Once your campaign goes live it is only natural that you will want […]

School’s in session at Ferocious Media! Operations Manager, Mike Coyne took the time to provide readers with #TuesdayTips for success in the Digital Media Marketing world. Take a look at the following: What is the most important thing a business owner needs to know about digital media marketing?  How to track and measure the success […]