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Do you remember what the first website you ever visited looked like? If it was anytime in the 90’s odds are the page was nothing more than black text on a white background, with big blue links to click on. It’s hard to imagine a time when search engines were this limited. Today, we use […]

A diminishing emphasis on “SEO” and the gravitation towards Web Presence Management/Optimization. The term “SEO” can have a bad rap.  In the early days of Search Engine Optimization it was not uncommon for people to be practicing black hat optimization.  This would involve exploiting loopholes with keyword stuffing, adding keywords in hidden text, and link buying. […]

Top 5 Google Easter Eggs 2014 Looking to kill some time during your lunch break?  It’s okay, we won’t tell.  Try out our five favorite Google Easter Eggs from 2014! Askew – Looking to see things from a different perspective?  Google “Askew” and watch your search results get a little shifty. Festivus – There is a […]