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If there’s one point that was driven home at the 2016 Facebook Global Partner Summit, it’s this: Whereas five years ago Facebook was built for generating Page Likes and engagement, today it’s evolved into a platform for driving real business results. And as the social network continues to mature, brands and advertisers can employ it […]

In the shifting digital world, Facebook is a key leader. The amount of targeting and advertising methods that Facebook offers to reach your ideal customer can be overwhelming. If you’re feeling defeated with your Facebook Advertising campaign, check out some of the proven methods below. VIDEO ADS – If you have it, use it. A […]

Have you ever noticed the little check mark next to your favorite celebrity, brand or publication’s Facebook page? We’re sure you’ve seen it before, but have you ever wondered why it’s there? It lets visitors know that the page is authentic and that they’re not looking at a fake account. What was once only an […]