Rules To Consider When Writing Content For The Benefit Of SEO

One of the most important factors of ranking in search engine results is having strong, quality content on your website. With every algorithm update, the search engines become smarter and more likely to read your site the same way a human would. On-page content should provide trustworthy answers to visitors who come seeking information about your product. There are several practices that will allow you to insure that the search engines get the most out of your site. Take a look at the following:

1. Use Of Keywords: The inclusion of relevant, highly-searched keywords within your site’s body copy is one of the first factors to acknowledge when optimizing a website. It is important that these keywords are showcased but not overused. Use these keywords in places where the search engines and visitors will look first, such as the page’s header (H1) or at the start of the first paragraph. Ensure that the keywords on each page of the site are reflected in the title tags as well.

2. Write With The Visitor In Mind: The content on your site should serve as a source of information and a place to answer any questions that a visitor may have. Avoid using thin or low quality content by creating enticing copy for the benefit of the user. Creating pages that are stuffed with keywords, without the balance of rich, authentic content, could be detrimental to your site.

3. Avoid Duplicate Content: Avoid creating content that is deliberately duplicated across websites in order to manipulate search engine rankings. Having duplicate content on your site makes it difficult for search engines to know which page to rank for the relevant term that the visitor is looking for. It also leads to a poor user experience when a visitor sees the same content copied on multiple pages.

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