A Look Back at the Digital Trends of 2020

It has been quite a challenging year. In many ways, nothing is the same as it used to be. However, change doesn’t always necessarily have to be negative! Digital trends of this year have shown how adapting to new methods is entirely possible because of technological advancement. Many brands and businesses have created new, exciting methods for interacting and communicating digitally.

As the year comes to a close, it’s important we take the time to reflect on the various digital trends that helped shape 2020:


2020 has shown us that videos are necessary for a business’s digital presence when creating content. People are watching videos now more than ever before, and sharing them too. Videos allow companies to creatively share news and information to grab consumers’ attention, and they indeed were a big part of this year in digital. On two of the most popular social platforms, Instagram and Facebook, videos are increasing in popularity and the algorithms for the two reflect that, with those often being prioritized on users’ timelines.

With Instagram’s recent introduction of ‘Reels’ on their platform, the necessity for creative and informing videos was at an all-time high.

Instagram for Young Age Groups

Instagram keeps growing and growing in popularity and has seen its most significant growth in users in 2020, reaching a billion! Most notable, Instagram is the ideal platform for reaching younger generations, especially those under 30. Another reason Instagram has risen in popularity is its ability to share and create original and engaging content, leaving digital markets with the chance to get creative.

Facebook Is Still the Winner

Even though Facebook has been around since 2004, it still proves to be a valuable tool for digital marketing year after year. Whether you’re crafting creative posts for your page or working on targeting specific groups of people with ads, Facebook is still the go-to platform to reach as many people as possible from all demographics. There may be skeptics that believe Facebook won’t remain the top social platform for much longer, but as far as 2020, Facebook took the top spot yet again.

Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to be an increasingly essential piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Creating quality content to represent your business and engage followers will always be necessary, but there has been an increased focus on context, targeting, and content validity. With ever-changing algorithms for Google, Facebook, and other internet platforms, we’ve seen how content is becoming more of the forefront of these updates.

All these examples and more have truly helped shape this year, but now we have the transition into the new year to look forward to.

Every single change we’ve experienced will tie directly into top trends we have yet to see. More on what’s we feel is to come in 2021… stay tuned! 

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 About the Author

Kristina Hoffer a Social Media and Content Manager here at Ferocious Media. While studying public relations and marketing at Hofstra University, she knew helping businesses grow their social media presence, and writing content would be the best of both worlds. Since graduating into the professional world and working with business owners from various industries at Ferocious Media, Kristina knows she is right where she is meant to be.
When she’s not writing blogs or crafting the perfect Facebook posts for her clients, Kristina can be found spending time with family and friends, bingeing a new show, or whipping up something tasty in the kitchen. However, if it’s a Sunday during football season, you can find her planted on her couch watching the games and cheering on her favorite team (with some good food, too, of course).