Customer At First Sight- The Importance Of A Consistent Brand Image

We all do it. A family member or friend recommends a local business, so we look it up on Google. Often times, however, we find links to Facebook pages or Twitter pages in a search before we find their website. We click on the Facebook page and are less than impressed by the seemingly outdated cover photo. Next, we try Twitter, which could easily be that of another business as the look and feel of this page vastly differs from Facebook. Confusion sets in.

This small business’s credibility just plummeted. Users are well out of the habit of scouring the Yellow Pages and simple black print. Today, they are immersed in the World Wide Web, a place where instant gratification makes it harder to meet your customers’ needs. Keeping up with the expectations of your users is key to building a credible brand identity online – and it starts with a uniform web presence.

In order for potential customers to both identify and trust you, they want to see consistency. Though they might not realize it on a conscious level, when users arrive at an online page that does not uniquely identify a specific business or brand, they may begin to look elsewhere for a page they can connect with. Therefore, it is essential that you develop your own online image, taking into consideration the needs of your customer.

So what are the key components of establishing a uniform online presence, visually? Color, font, logos, and images should be consistent across all platforms, including your website and social media outlets. While cover photos do not have to be identical, they should utilize the same elements of design and express a clear link to one another. The name you use to address your business should also be consistent. Slight changes to your page titles or URLs may confuse your users.

As you have learned in previous Ferocious Media blogs, correct business information (NAP) is crucial to maintaining a consistent and seamless online presence. For tips on how you can achieve this, click here.

Moving forward, keep in mind the negative impact an inconsistent visual online presence can have on your business and its social media community. At Ferocious Media, our graphic design team can provide you with the custom social media graphics you need to establish your business’s unique look and increase your potential for engagement in the future.