Digital Marketing Articles

2016 is here, and it’s a guarantee that you’ll see new and innovative strategies and ideas pop up in the digital marketing world. Here’s a list of marketing techniques that will play a big role in your 2016 digital marketing plan: Responsive Website: 2015 was a huge year for mobile! Google announced that mobile traffic […]

Mobile has forever changed the way your target customer behaves. Whether you are targeting businesses or consumers, 90% of people start a journey on one device and cross over to another. A good marketing plan needs to feature a robust approach encompassing direct response and branding strategies online as well as complementing those strategies with […]

It has gotten to the point that nearly every SMB is using some form of digital marketing to promote their business.  They may be using Google AdWords, running an SEO campaign for their website, or promoting the business on Facebook and other forms of social media.  With the landscape of digital marketing rapidly changing, and […]

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. It also serves as an indicator for retail marketers that it’s time to start planning your holiday advertising strategy. Keep in mind that this year people are expected to do more shopping on mobile devices than ever before. People are turning to Facebook and Instagram more frequently […]

If you are a business owner, I’m sure you understand the importance of advertising online. We live in an age where almost everyone uses the Internet to connect, shop, research and do almost anything else. Gone are the days when we needed to wait until we got home to power up our desktop computers and […]

Yesterday, in a letter from CEO Larry Page, it was announced that Google, as a part of a corporate restructure, is now a part of the newly formed parent company Alphabet.   “So wait, someone acquired Google?” Not exactly.  Alphabet is a newly created company that is described as “mostly a collection of companies” by […]

LinkedIn is viewed by professionals as a valuable resource for networking themselves or their business. Nowadays, a professional online presence is just as crucial of a tool as a resume for a job interview. Surprisingly, many people are not taking full advantage of the benefits of LinkedIn, seemingly because they do not know how to […]

Business owners are busy people. Finances, customer service, managing employees, increased competition – the list of tasks that demand attention seem endless. Sometimes that leaves little time for other aspects that are equally or even more important for the business: new ideas, inspiration, and personal growth. A great resource business people can use to learn […]

First things first, the ad that answers the questions gets the phone calls!  A while back, Yellow Pages came up with the idea of the “RASCIL” factors to help companies in advertising. With technology and the advertising game changing – these factors still come in handy today, especially in creating an online presence through your […]

Talking sports has always been an easy way to connect with others, no matter your age or gender. Sports are a great small talk topic or grounds for forming deeper relationships. This applies to coworkers, clients, or even prospective partners. There’s a fine line between bonding over sports talk and actually participating in the activity. […]

Many people would love to own their own business but the reality of such a venture is overwhelming. Many of these people have never considered owning a franchise as an option.  To them, a franchise is McDonalds or Burger King.  However there are all kinds of franchise opportunities, some really interesting and exciting!  The issue?  […]